Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gotta Love My Boys

So I was enjoying a wonderful evening with the ladies of our Sunday School class in celebrating the third pregnancy of dear, sweet Kristi Gay at Sommer's Place on the East side of Montgomery (remember this tidbit of info as it will be an important detail in the story later), when I was told that my cell phone was ringing. I had not heard it since we were in a busy restaurant. So I pull it out of my purse and see that I have four missed calls and several text messages. As I'm looking at it, the phone begins to ring again. It's a number I don't know, but I answer it anyway. It's a very frantic Scott. "Jamie, where have you been!!!???? Davis has locked me out of the house and I don't have a spare key!!!!!!!!!" Well, first of all Mr. Ramsey, you know where I am. And second of all, I'm in Montgomery! A speedy exit from the restaurant is possible, but I'm kind of far from home over here. On a good traffic day it's a 30 minute drive to our new home in Prattville. I tell him to hold tight and that I am leaving now. We throw my food in a to go box and I dart out of the restaurant. I hurry home, breaking several traffic laws on the way. I pull up to my frazzled husband in only his boxers (white with little green shamrocks on them; a gift from Ireland from his Mom) and an undershirt waiting by the back door. Davis is crying but I was happy to find out he had not been crying for the entire hour that he was locked in alone with only Sam and Libby (dog and cat respectively). The story goes that Scott went outside to tend to the cats who had ants in their food, when Davis locked the deadbolt behind him. Scott ran to the neighbors house (in boxers!!) to call me for help. I guess we've learned a lesson here - we need to hide a spare key! Thankfully everyone was okay, I just missed out on an enjoyable evening with my lady friends. There is never a dull moment with my two boys. If it's not one thing, it's another. And I love every second of it.

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